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Well, we have now been living in Calgary for over 6 months, and let’s just say that at the very least, it’s been a whirlwind.

The word “great” describes our first chunk of time, but so does the word “challenging.”  In transition, I guess both are to be expected.  As most of you know, in the Fall of 2011, we were asked to going IMAGINE Church here in Calgary.  The focus of this church plant is to see revival in this city, seeing is remain, and thus becoming a resource to the nations.  Catching the vision of seeing God’s kingdom here on earth, was the easiest part of our decision in moving here.  After much prayer and wise council, we chose to make the move to Calgary.  One of the biggest challenges in moving to Calgary has been leaving YWAM Montana, and the life, friends, and ministry that we said goodbye to.  We knew it wouldn’t be easy, because we were leaving something that we absolutely loved, and something that we had really invested our lives into.  But in obedience to God, we really felt as though this transition was the direction we were to move towards.  And thus, the whirlwind of the last 6 months began…

Becky is serving as the Administrator for IMAGINE (AKA making all the dreams and vision happen).  Becky is one of the most gifted people I know when it comes to details and making things run smoothly!  She is also working part-time as the Assistant to the Lead and Executive Pastor at First Assembly Church, the parent church of IMAGINE.  God has really used her job at First Assembly to provide for us financially, as well as develop her gifting as an Administrator.  There have been both challenges and great rewards in both “jobs.”

I am serving as the Worship Pastor of IMAGINE.  This has been dream and calling on my life for a long time ,and I have loved this aspect of our transition so far!  I have also had many great opportunites to serve the city of Calgary through various worship events locally; including a city-wide “BURN” event, which is a worship and prayer gathering started by Sean Feucht.  God has opened up so many doors for me in the past 6 months, it is unbelieveable.  God is so good!  I have also been teaching at some of the House Churches, and the plan is to teach through the book of Ephesians this Fall.  I have also started a mens group (MEN@IMAGINE) that meets to fellowship and encourage each other in their walk with the Lord.

Together, Becky and I both serve as Elders and Core Leaders with IMAGINE Church.

We are currently running 3 House Churches that range from 1o to 20 people per location.  It is great to see people walking out their lives with one another in a culture that is so individualistic.  Hurting with those who hurt, and rejoicing with those who rejoice.  This is what community is all about.  Eating together, worshipping, and testifying to the goodness of God in their lives.  Our bi-weekly Corporate Gatherings have been extremely rewarding; an time of worship and teaching and ministry.  We have see people be set-free from strongholds in their lives, and we have seen God heal people physically too!  A couple weeks ago, a lady who attended the Corporate Gathering was healed from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  We serve an amazing God who is in the business of healing His kids!

I wanted to also take a moment to thank each of you who have been a part of this transition in one way or another.  God is just that good, putting people in our lives who believe in us, and want to see God use us for His kingdom and HIS purposes.  We are so blessed!


Christmas with the Olives!

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This past weekend, we celebrated Christmas with the Olives!  It was a quick get-together, but one filled with lots of laughter and great conversations!

Carly kept us smiling with her bubbly personality and excitement for opening presents!  Even more importantly, she already understands, at the age of (almost) 4, that Christmas is more about remembering than receiving.  She’s got great parent’s, needless to say.







Cami kept us on our toes with her many smiles, lots of laughter, and just motoring in every which direction!







So thankful that we were able to share the holidays with two wonderful families this year!  We feel both blessed and spoiled:)

That’s a glimpse of CHRISTMAS WITH THE OLIVES!

December in Manitoba

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We had a wonderful time in Manitoba for the last three and a half weeks.  It’s been great spending time with family and friends, and having the chance to share where God is taking us next.  We are definitely returning to Calgary encouraged and ready for the adventure that lies ahead! Here’s a glimpse of what the past weeks have looked like for us….

Date Night at Cafe 22

Coffee Date with Janelle (Randall's sister)

Visting Jeremy at Work (they are sooooo in love!)

The Heier Family

The Heier Girls -Joelle, Janelle, Becky, Tannis (soon-to-be!)

Just Us!

Date Night with Jer + Joelle!

Randall is SO ready for Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Us to YOU!

BUSTED! Don't worry, I will remain true to my roots...it's just a touque:)

That’s that!  We will be celebrating Christmas with my family in the New Year… STAY TUNED!


Change of Plans

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We’ve had a rather significant change of plans, and wanted to take the time to share it with YOU.

In January 2012, we will be officially leaving YWAM Montana Staff.  We are sad to see this day come, as we will leave behind many great friends, memories, and experiences, but we are also excited for the transition that is in our midst.  We have known for quite some time that God has been preparing us for a new chapter… but it was only recently that we realized the time is NOW.

Since being in Canada, God has been giving us a heart for THIS country.  For the past few years, we have been pouring into the United States and into other nations of the world, both directly and indirectly, but now we believe God is calling us to pour into Canada.  We have accepted the request to join Imagine Church.  Imagine Church is a church plant that is believing God for revival in the city of Calgary.  Randall will be serving as the head of the worship department, co-leading the missions department, and teaching weekly bible studies.  Becky will be serving as the administrative assistant, co-leading the missions department, and heading-up a dance team for our cooperate gatherings.

We are so excited for what God has for us in this season that awaits us, and we look forward to God increasing our faith to believe for more of Him in our lives and in the city of Calgary!

Feel free to check-out the Imagine Church website at www.imaginechurch.ca

Randall Turns 24!

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For Randall’s 24th birthday…

I took him to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers verses the Calgary Stampeders football game on Saturday…

The game was filled with lots of action…

Even though the Bombers lost (poor Randall), we then went to Moxie’s for a delicious dinner…

On Sunday (Randall’s actual birthday), we started the day off with homemade scones (his favorite!) and a picture of his new toy (AKA: an electric guitar amp), which he will actually get in 3 weeks…

I have the best husband in the world, and definitely one who is worth celebrating!


3 weeks in.

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It’s hard to believe that just over 3 weeks ago, we said goodbye to Montana for one year, and we’re now back in Canada for a short time.  We’ve definitely jumped right into our lives here in Cochrane, and even though we miss Montana greatly, we are thankful for this season God has us in. 

Since being here, Randall and I have been extremely challenged with how we are walking-out our faith in our daily lives; at the grocery store, at the campground, and even in church.  We always want to be open to the Holy Spirit and His leading, but that can be quite stretching at times.  Our good friends Richie and Chelsea, invited us to join a class at their church on Spirit-led Evangelism/Original Evangelism.  Randall has been and will continue to lead worship at this class each week.  We have both been stretched in our thinking of what it truly means to evangelize, even if you are not an Evangelist.  WE ARE ALL CALLED TO SHARE THE GOOD NEWS!  It has been such a life-giving time for us both, and definitely a highlight of our time here so far.  We have also been diving in with the youth leaders at Cochrane Alliance Church (CAC), and just loving seeing their desire to grow, to lead, and to become more of the men and women that God created them to be.  How rewarding!  We definitely feel like the tools we gained while staffing DTS are paying off outside of the YWAM world. 

It’s been wonderful connecting with both friends and family, and we look forward to even more of it!  Thank-you for your prayers as we continue to jump into the inknown of what God has for us.  We are excited to see how this whole year unfolds…



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I just thought I would give you a brief snapshot about what the future holds for Randall and I…

September-November 2011: We’ll be living in Cochrane.  For these 3 months we will be serving with Cochrane Alliance Church, and working part-time at a campground.  We are so thankful that God has provided some extra finances (via working at the campground), helping us to get to Thailand for outreach this coming winter.

December 2011: We’ll be visiting family and friends in Manitoba.  Spending Christmas with the Heiers will definitely be a highlight!  Randall plans to teach in a local bible study, and lead worship for a youth night in Winnipeg.

January-June 2012: We will be heading to Thailand to work in the Red Light District.  We will primarily be in Bangkok, but we are also hoping to travel to different parts in Asia that have a need for both teaching and worship.

Summer of 2012: We will spend next summer in Cochrane, yet again.  This will allow us to maintain our Canadian Health Insurance before heading back to Montana.

Fall of 2012: Returning to Lakeside to continue serving on Staff with YWAM.

We will remain YWAM Montana Staff while we are out of the country.

We are so excited for what God has for us this year ahead!  Please continue to pray that God will give us vision and direction, and that no matter what, we will follow HIS leading.


Receive His Grace!

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Over the past year, “grace” has been the thing that the Lord has been teaching me about the most!

Romans 1:18 – 3:20 talks about how evil man is, and says that we have given-up the things of God for the things of this world.  We have chosen to choose the creature rather than the Creator.  It also talks about how God’s judgment upon us is totally deserved and that it is completely just for Him to bring it upon us.  But there is good news!; the Lord has justified us by grace, through faith, and we were once dead to sin, “BUT NOW” are alive to God!  Romans 5:1 says that since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Through Him we have obtained access by faith into this “grace” in which we stand…  Thank you, Lord, for your wonderful grace, and that we can now have life!




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It’s hard to believe that July is wrapping up, and that the summer is half over.  I for one, feel like we’re just getting started!  The rain has finally decided to give us a break, and we are loving the beautiful weather!

In July, we have enjoyed…

Celebrating Janelle’s (Randall’s sister’s) High School Graduation.

Camping with great friends and family in Steinbach, MB.
Hanging out with my parent’s, sister (Megan), and nieces, Carly (3) and Cami (8 months) in Invermere, BC.
Recording for YWAM in LA (Randall).
And we even got to go hiking with some great friends in Bozeman, MT.
It’s been a great month!
We’re looking forward to what August will hold…

planning. Planning. PLANNING.

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Planning.  Planning.  Planning.  It really seems to be the story of our lives these days, but we absolutely love it!…well, most of it.  Planning events, planning our summer, planning the year to come, planning celebrations, and the list continues…  We couldn’t be more blessed with the life that God has given us and the many plans that we are able to make!

I, for one, have absolutely fallen madly in love with planning events!  Since working with our Base Directors, I have had even more opportunities to plan events for our base and for our leadership.  It’s been extremely rewarding, to say the least.  (You know, my Mom always told me that I was like her when it came to organizing, and I definitely think that she was right!  Thanks, Mom!)

At the beginning of May, I was able to plan our quarterly Family Meeting for our YWAM Montana Staff.  What an exciting event!  We had an Italian Themed dinner and decor, and then had a time of giving and worship (lead by Randall and a band).  I worked with a team of people to make this event a success, and it truly was!  I was exhausted by the end of it, but it was all so worth it!  I just LOVE planning events!

Since then, I have also been able to be a part of planning our Annual Planning Retreat for 2012 for our leadership, a Summer Kick-Off (in rain, of course!), and a movie Premiere for our dear friends.  I absolutely love celebrating the events and accomplishments of those in my life!  It’s a very exciting season for me, as I see God releasing new passions and abilities, and He is giving me ample opportunities to put them to use!  God is so faithful at meeting us in the things that He created us to love!